How a Coach Can Transform Your Strength Building Journey

When it comes to the fitness world there is a LOT of free information available. Why should you, if there is such an abundance of information and it is being freely given, spend your hard-earned money on a coach?  Yes, I acknowledge there is free stuff out there I even put some out. There are also times and reasons to sign up with a coach.

Case 1) you don’t want to spend the time doing the research.

Like we just mentioned there is a lot of free information available thanks to the Internet. Not just programs, and movement guides but also conflicting expert opinions. A coach can offer you personalized guidance in your situation. They are able to sift through the noise and curate a program to your needs. They the rigid template and mold it to fit your goals strengths and limitations.

Case 2) you need the accountability.

Maybe that isn’t your story. Maybe sifting through the information is fun for you. Perhaps, even though you write out what you need to do, you then talk yourself out of it, cut corners and don’t push yourself. If this is you, then a coach could be a good fit to give you the accountability. They provide the workout, so they want to see that workout done. They have the objective viewpoint to be able to see when you can do more. They also can see when you’re getting overambitious. A coach can keep you true to your word and complete the task you said you wanted to do.

Case 3) you need someone to tell you you’re doing it right.

Movement videos are great and plenty to show you and tell you how to do something; however, you can’t always see what you are doing in a movement in the mirror. Even then research shows that it can be harmful to try and correct your form from watching a mirror. A good coach will be able to cue and correct form making sure you’re doing it right without you having to worry if it looks like you’re doing it right.

Case 4) you don’t have time for the gym.

When studying fitness information online it can quickly become a list of items that takes an hour and a half, and you just finished the “recommended warmups”. A coach can help cut the excess and provide a training plan to get in, get work done, and get out all within your desired timeframe. A coach can provide optimal efficiency for the goals you want to reach.

Case 5) the moves are too hard.

Sometimes you’ll find a plan created for your goal and when you get started you start to feel like you’re supposed to already be at your goal to get going. A coach can help take moves that are too difficult and scale it back or replace it to work on building the strength to get to your goal.

Case 6) you keep hitting plateaus.

Sometimes you get stuck. You hit a point where you feel you cannot progress past a set weight. Or maybe you are bodyweight training, and one move feels way too easy, but the next progression feels impossible. A coach can help bridge the gap. They can study what you’ve been doing and help adjust the cycle so that you can work through the plateaus and start making progress again.

Case 7) you don’t want to do it alone.

While yes sometimes we don’t want to be a part of the group project. We also don’t always want to be alone. Working with a coach can bring you into a community of like-minded people. Starting with the coach you may end up building a community with the people you meet. Or you may be in a group class and gain comradery through shared struggle in class.

In conclusion, yes there is a lot of information out there for you to pursue your fitness journey. And there are still a lot of reasons for you to work with a coach. Professional help can transform your journey from stuck to successful. As a coach I provide services in person, in a group setting, and through an online coaching platform. I can help you reach your goals in bodyweight skills, Olympic Weightlifting, or powerlifting.

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